How to find expired domain with Yelp and google dork

How to find expired domains using Yelp & Google Dork

Here’s how to do it

We are going to find the businesses listed on Yelp but are closed due to any reason. The probability of their domain expiration is high. We will use a simple dork to find such businesses.

And the dork is : “niche” “- CLOSED -“

What it will do is, it will search for string “- CLOSED -” combined with niche on business listing pages.

Screenshot of SERP of closed business listing on Yelp

Now, you’ll get list of closed business listings at Yelp. You have to now manually open listings one by one, get domain, and check for availability.

After you find domain is availale, you can do other required checks as you do for expired domain finding process.

That’s all for today. See you in next post. Let me know your thoughts about this method to find expired domain with yelp in comments below.

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