How To Find CPA Offers & Promote With Parasite SEO

No matters how far and advance digital marketing can go, offline marketing will always be effective. There are such brands that use digital marketing as well as these traditional offline methods like TV ads, radio ads, billboards etc to promote their products or services.

In this post, I am going to cover simple and effective tips on how to find such brands offers and promote them for free with parasite SEO. And how I made $1500+ using the exact method.

Sounds interesting? Let’s start!!

How To Find CPA Offers & Promote With Parasite SEO

Affiliate Networks

I have MaxBounty CPA network approved as of now so I’ll use it to demonstrate. These type of offers are available on almost all CPA networks. You can also use OffersVault to find such offers. 

We will be finding offers that have searches in Google/Bing and learn how to promote them with SEO. You can also promote these offers with paid ads too.

How to find offers

So, without wasting much of your time, let's start finding the offers. Login to your CPA network dashboard (I am using maxbounty) and open search from the left side menu. I'll share an exact method I have used and found many good offers and made $1500+.

On the search page, add some filters as in the Screenshot below.

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How I made $1500 with above method

I hope you have Login to read about the method above!!


Now, comes the main part, the case study on how I used this exact same method and made $1500+. Learn which parasite I used, which worked for me.

I found a similar offer in the Health niche and wrote a blog post on Medium, Linkedin Pulse and Patch Classified. I created 3 properties to check which will work. For me, Patch Classified works the best. It got ranked in the top 5 just after indexing. I used omega indexer for faster indexing. But most of the time it gets auto index in 1-3 days.

I created a landing page in the blog spot with custom HTML and link to it from the parasites. I have also promoted Google ads to test the profit and it also made gave good ROI. The main thing which matters in CPA is the offer itself. If your offer and product are good, you'll get good conversion and return on investment of time and money.

Want to know the exact offer? Join my Facebook group where I'll share all the secrets of learnings and exact links of offers and everything. It's free and will always be free. But exclusive for the group members. I have also shared link to the medium post I have created for StrictionD offer we have discusses in this post. So, see you in the group!!

This is all for now. See you in the next post. Let me know your doubts questions in the comments below or in FB group, I'll be happy to answer.

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