Transform your MacBook into a workstation with INVZI Maghub!

However, like any other technical device, gadgets like MacBook has also a longevity issue. Their performance also degrades with time and continuous usage. Most often, people using MacBook cannot afford another one suddenly if any malfunction occurs in their existing one. Simultaneously, you cannot curb the workload of yours, which you do through your MacBook. 


Unable to find a solution to balance both? 


To ease your tension, we present you the solution – INVZI Maghub. It is the world’s first pop-up SSD Hub for MacBook, which will turn your device into an ideal workstation. By attaching this pop-up SSD with your MacBook you can enhance its storage space up to 4 TB. Curious to know how? Let’s take a ride to its features and performance then you will get the answer yourself! 



INVZI Maghub Features


INVZI Maghub Features


INVZI Maghub poses some unique and modern features that will make one find it astonishing. Firstly the aluminum-based sleek design fits into every size MacBook easily. Additionally, there are some mind blown characteristics which include: 


  • Dual 4k @ 60Hz display MST
  • USB Gen2 10 GBPS
  • Redesigned USB Hub
  • Magnetic Style 
  • Up to 1000 MBPS SSD transfer speed
  • Anti overheat design
  • Energy Saving on/off switch


Sleek and User-Friendly Design: Yes, you read the last line right. When attaching with a Mac, it doesn’t rely on mechanical locks, which most of the time results in fault. In contrast, it has a magnetic lock, which helps it fit into all 13”/15”/16” models of MacBook. The encased precision-milled aluminum provides its support to fit perfectly. Moreover, the leather backplate of the hub adjoins correctly with the MacBook aesthetics. Most importantly, the magnetic attachment keeps your MacBook dependable against any sort of damage through vibration. 


Easily data transfer process with high speed and safety: The pop-up SSD connected with Macbook is wireless and built-in USB-C male port. Also, it comes with an SSD enclosure, which is compatible with M.2 SATA SSD and NVME SSD. Hence, you can upgrade its memory up to 4TB. The process is quite simple, moreover makes the data transfer process faster and safe. 


Space up in your Mac, and save all your files effortlessly: Keeping space for managing all the documents into one device becomes a headache while you do various kinds of stuff with your MacBook. As a solution, 


Maghub consists of up to 1000mb/s read and writes speed. And its compatibility with both M.2 NVME 10GBPS and SATA SSD 5GBPS helps it provides up to 4TB of available storage. Henceforth, you can now enjoy additional space to store all your vital files and boost your computing experience!


Enjoy high-quality display from now on: Who doesn’t want to enjoy movies to watch in high definition and better picture quality? But, not most often do you get the ideal high definition visual experience in your device that you seek. Nonetheless, with Maghub, you get support from dual [email protected] monitors with Display 1: HDMI 2.0+ DP and Display 2: HDMI 2.0. It allows the resources fetching applications to run on independent displays. Exclusively, it supports two extended displays on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with INTEL Chip. And only a single display with an Apple M1 chip. 


Eradicate overheat issues of your MacBook: The problem of overheating a MacBook seems quite natural. Mostly, when you put all your hectic workloads into this. In many cases, regular occurring overheating issues can cause a malfunction in its running. In this regard, the aluminum alloy material within the INVZI Maghub comes very handy! It is made with a sense of technology and better thermolysis. Precisely why, you are ensured for low temperature while you operate your MacBook. The tests have shown that the temperature remains 131°F, even when transforming large amounts of data. 


Do these features impress you? Then you must be curious to know how you can buy and use them effortlessly! 


How to use INVZI Maghub ?


The process is quite simple! After getting it, first, remove the release liver of the PU tape. Then attach the tape to your MacBook, and place the MacBook on Maghub. It is designed in such a way that it distributes the generated heat equally amongst the air vent. Parallelly, the heat insulates PU tape and prevents overheat issues. Precisely why, the temperature level always remains around 55°C, when all parts are working simultaneously. Easy to use, isn’t it? Even if your MacBook consists of a case, you can still avail of Maghub. It also works with the MacBook case. 


Where to buy INVZI Maghub ? 


Where to buy INVZI Maghub ? 


INVZI Maghub is a very new product in the market. Therefore, you cannot obtain it from any shops or places. Currently, the only option is online ordering. You can visit to buy it. This product comes with a retail price of $249, on which you can get up to 44% off! However, the price does not include all other expenses like shipping, duty and VAT calculated. They charge you these prices separately. Nevertheless, INVZI Maghub comes with a one-year warranty from the delivery date. Thus, if any problem occurs in it in the meantime, you can fix this for free! 


INVZI Maghub Review


INVZI Maghub Review


Every technical product bears some vulnerability. Even if you use them with immense care, with time, their working prowess degenerates. However, as this product is launched recently, not many reviews can be found on the internet. You have gone through the pros already. The makers ensure that it will run smoothly with the huge chunk of workloads, almost for more than one year. Even if not, the one-year warranty comes into your help in this scenario. You can judge its capability by yourself then! 


INVZI Maghub optimizes your access to your peripherals and takes charge of every task you partake on your MacBook. As a result, creating full power of a workstation within reach for all the MacBook users out there! Buckle up for it. Order soon for your MacBook, and experience enriching work-life in no time! 



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