Leadsathon – A learning series by Abhishek Sood

How It’s all started – The story!!

It’s all started with a Google search. I remember, the first time I got internet in 2G edge keypad mobile of Lava, the first thing I search on Google was “Abhishek Sood”, yes my name. But I couldn’t find anything about me on there (still nothing is published about me).

You can skip the story and jump to know Why and What is Leadsathon?

I got curious to know, why? Why there’s nothing about me on Google search? I did research, how to get a name on Google search and so on. And from the research, I got to know there’s something called website. Website is something from where Google gets information and shows it in result pages.

I was 12-14 age that time.

Then going deep in research I got social media – The Facebook but didn’t explored it as my interest and curiosity took me to the website part. I started learning how to create website etc. It took me years as at that time there was no good internet and I didn’t had computer. I was learning with my mobile and slow internet.

Going deep in website part, I got to know about free website builder by Google – Blogger. I created my first blog and named it with my nick name Prince World and also created Facebook Profile. That blog is still live and the first post I wrote there with link to my facebook page on 16 June 2013.

Then, I got computer at home as my father is photographer and he got computer for photo editing stuffs etc.

I started learning computer, tips and tricks etc.

Fast forwarding, I started to explore more blogs, websites, facebook pages, groups etc. I had interest in tech niche so the community and blogs I joined and learn from were related to tech.

I started writing about whatever new trick I learn. Mostly, I was doing is learn, copy and write in my language changing words etc.

I didn’t knew about SEO and traffic things by then. I was writing and blogging just to get my name on Google search.

One day while learning about blogging, I got blog of Imran Uddin from AllTechBuzz where he shared blogging and SEO tips. I started to explore his blog and got to know about the SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. It was heavy term for me as by the name I thought we have to optimise the search engine to get our website on top of results etc. But as I kept learning I got to learn it and it becomes easy then.

I learnt about SEO but didn’t implemented. I was in college now. I did polytechnic diploma in computer science from Seth Jai Parkash, Polytechnic College, Damla, Yamunanagar.

In second of year, I again got interest in blogging from a facebook post where Imran Uddin shared case study of event blogging. After that he started his course too where many new bloggers joined and shared their case studies. I got impressed and excited from that peoples are making in dollars from blogging. My interest of starting website from getting name on Google change to make money online.

I started exploring make money online things and got to know about survery and other related things. But as I was following Imran Uddin, I choosed to go with blogging. I started another blog on blogspot in hacking niche where I learn hacking tips from facebook groups and share on my blog spot and then share blogposts in other groups.

Facebook algorithm was not that much strict that time and I used to get good engagement on my posts. I used to get 1000+ traffic from every post I share on Facebook. Later I got automation tools to auto post in multiple groups in one click. I used them and traffic got increased.

I did blogging on that blog without making a penny for the first 1 year but learned a lot from it. Later I monetized it with Infolinks and got my first dollar from that. But that earning was not satisfactory so I left that blog but my interest again changed to that automation tool.

Now, I started learning automation for that I need to learn coding and C, C++, Php was already in our syllabus. It become my favourite subject then. I started to learning coding and implementing in creating tools apps etc. At that time I was working with custom blogspot templates. I created custom template for my other blog Univesal Prince – it’s also still live.

How I have learned many things. Fast forwarding the story!!

Then rest is the history. I joined awesome facebook groups Premium tricks by Iftiseo, Pakistani bloggers etc. Later Earning labs group, noober group etc.

In these Facebook groups, peoples are working in different things like blogging, CPA, Affiliate marketing, leads selling, and many things. I got a gold mine of free educational stuff which I kept learning and implementing. Some gave me success and some got failed but learning was constant.

I was kept on combing my web development skills with learnings from these groups. I was passed out from college now and got job as PHP developer in IT Park, Chandigarh.

I have learnt blogging, SEO, content writing by now combined with my web development skills.

I started many blogs in different niches and got good earnings from them. But as the communities I was in Facebook group is full of diversified skilled peoples, my learnings and skills are also diversified.

I have learnt many things but implemented little.

Why Leadsathon?

Now, the earnings was good not satisfactory but the that reason which started all this again came in mind. By now. I knew everything on how Google works, the SEO, blogging etc. So, I thought to start it over again.

If you have read this story from starting, I have started first my blog where I used to share whatever I learn from facebook groups etc.

Now again, I am starting it over. Sharing my learnings. But now I know having name in Google is not sufficient. I have to do something so that peoples will know about me, search about me. So, what’s better than Sharing Experience.

As, you know I have shared case study in Facebook groups I learned from (PTI, Earning labs and Noober) about my most successful experiments. I started my own community as Facebook group – Automate & Chill where I am sharing my leanings. I started Youtube Channel with my Name Abhishek Sood. I started it as a series Sharing Experience.

Now, the question again Why Leadsathon?

As I told, my learnings are always diversified but I want to make it in series so that others can learn well and don’t make mistakes which I did – not implementing and staying consistent on one or 2 things.

I’ll be sharing everything from my learnings and Leadsathon is the name for that. For every topic, there will a Leadsathon in series with 1 video/post on each topic under 1 Leadsathon.

It will be a fully interactive practical learning and implementing approach. I’ll share the guide with you in terms of video/post. I’ll start from scratch with you and implement with you.

You have to follow the Leadsathon of your interest and implement. We will learn together, implement together and get results together.


For example,

I’ll share about Leads Selling business in India, there will be:

Leadsathon 1 under which I’ll share everything on topic with one in depth video/post for each topic like keyword research, outreaching business, onboarding etc.

Similarly there will be multiple Leadsathon for CPA, SEO, Blogging, Ecommerce, Auto Blogging, Web development etc.

So, stay tuned if you want to learn from my learnings and experience in this blogging and digital marketing field.

How’s the idea? Let me know in comments below.

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